Never thought I would be at a fight night

As a student I am constantly being pushed to try new things, sometimes the results are exciting and inspiring other times they are disappointing. About three months ago I was asked to focus on sports photography as a specialization. I was pretty unsure about it at first but as I began to look into opportunities around town I became excited. Since then I have attempted to shoot a wide variety of sports from swimming (which I found to be quite difficult from the sidelines so I decided to invest in an underwater camera housing. I will update on this later) to track and field, but some of my favorite images so far have come from my first MMA fight. I am not normally a fight spectator, in fact I dont think I have ever seen a full fight in my life, but I found myself standing ringside for what was to be a crazy night at Wild Bills in Duluth, Ga for their monthly Fight Night. Throughout the night I found myself having to jump back out of the way of fighters falling into the ropes and a few times I wasnt quick enough. I was kicked in the arm about three times (dangers of looking through a lens!) and almost had a fighter come through the ropes and fall on top of me. The fights were brutal and intesnse but I had fun shooting them. I cant say I would ever be JUST a spectator at an event like this, but being behind the camera makes it a little more entertaining.

Below are some shots from the evening.

This was the 6th fight of the evening.. and this is how it ended. I couldn’t believe how long the ref let this go on!

The last fight was the most intense! Look at the guys face!

This was right after the ref called the fight. I think it is my favorite image from the night because of all the emotion in it. 


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About Lauren Hahs

I am a 24 year old photography major at the Art Institute of Atlanta, specializing in sports photography but interested in a wade range of subject matter!

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